Friday, December 27, 2013

Heart Felt Greetings

I just wanted to take a minute to express how very grateful we are for the wonderful friends we have met this past year.  We appreciate you so much and consider ourselves blessed that you take time out of your busy day to communicate with us.  We love those conversations.

I will write more later about what's going on at the press.  But for now we just want to Wish for you this...

That you enjoy great Love and deep Peace this Holiday Season.
May 2014 bring to you and to your loved ones
Joy and Abundance
& the Wisdom to see it in action all around you.

--Mike and Rita at Pegana Press--

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's New at Pegana Press (December 2013)

To begin, we want to Thank Michael Swanwick for writing some very kind words on Flogging Babel about The Emperor's Crystal & Other Lost Tales volume 2 by Lord Dunsany.  It positively warmed the cockles of our hearts to read it, and we are gratified that he enjoyed it.

Mike is progressing with  The Age of Malygris by Clark Ashton Smith.

And for the Holidays we are offering FREE Priority Shipping on our Holiday Card Collection through the month of December.  These Letter Press Greeting Cards were designed and type set by hand by Mike on Crane's Lettra Paper.  If you're not familiar with this paper, it is made from cotton, and has a very nice feel to it.  (I kept remarking to Mike that it felt like cloth, when I was folding them.) 

He used Reflex Blue and Green inks, and there is a touch of sparkle to them.  They are available in packages of 4 with envelopes.  Old fashioned themes and traditional holiday carols were the inspiration--the photos really don't do them justice especially the cards with text as the design.  The colors and sparkle make them glow when viewed in person.

It is our desire to offer cards that will be a special keepsake for anyone receiving them.  We hope you will enjoy them.

Lastly, we are half way finished with our next Story-cast.  We are having a lot of fun with this.  And I think we'll just continue to post it through drop box, with a link to the public file, since we discovered that our media player was only working intermittently for some people.

It's a real honor for our small press to receive acknowledgement from those of you who have purchased books from us.  We enjoy the conversations we've had via email with new friends who share our passion for a story well told.  We hope to continue for many years to come.

And now to end with a quote from our favorite author, whom inspired the name of Pegana Press.  This is from The Curse Of The Wise Woman.

What a change snow brings to any land that it visits: rather enchantment than change.  It is as though the mountains came down to speak to the fields, almost as though overnight another planet had called for us and taken us over from Earth.  Even the inside of the house was changed, a bright light dwelt in the pictures, making the work of men long dead more vivid and merrier; and on the north side of the house all the rooms seemed as though they were still curtained, and all their blinds were drawn down, for the snow was clinging to the window-panes where the wind had so violently hurled it; and yet even in those dim rooms, through the grey snow, there seemed to shine gleams from the light of a strangely triumphant morning.  
--Lord Dunsany