Wednesday, February 25, 2015

George MacDonald

And the youth answered, and Tangle heard him, though not with her ears...

-George MacDonald

Here at Pegana Press, Mike has been hard at work on a beautiful edition of The Golden Key.

The story is an allegorical fantasy of rich adventure and the journey of life through the eyes of that visionary George Macdonald.  Each section of the book is being printed on different pastel colours of paper.  Here is a sneak peek of the rose and yellow sections to be followed by light blue and green.

The Golden Key will be available for pre order soon.

...Behind those world-enclosing hills
There sat a mighty woman, with a face
As calm as life, when its intensity
Pushes it nigh to death, waiting for him
To make him grand forever with a kiss
And send him silent through the toning worlds.

George Macdonald  1857

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Catching Up-Early Spring at Pegana Press

Lord Dunsany Lost Tales Vol 3 from Pegana Press with color Sime illustration
I want to take time out to thank those of you who bought our Winter Tales chapbook.  And I am very encouraged by the feedback on the stories.

Also, Michael Swanwick has posted a review about Lost Tales Volume 3 by Lord Dunsany.  And you can read it here on his blog.

The third bit of news I want to pass on is that Mike is hard at work on a new book and we will be sharing more details soon.

Don't forget to go to our website if you would like to see Lost Tales Vol 3.  It has a color Sime illustration provided by the Dunsany Estate, and while all the stories are rare, some of them have never been published.  Pegana Press is honored to bring them to you.