Saturday, January 30, 2016

Straying Into Elfland

I recently recorded some moody, contemplative piano tracks to support a story for the Lost Tales audiobook that should be done later this year.  The story, Our Laurels is a classic, dreamy tale of the struggle with dark and light and the participation of man.  All in three short paragraphs of course!  First collected in Lost Tales Volume I.

I'm in the preliminary phases of designing a Lovecraft edition of some of his early dream tales accompanied by some superb illustrations for later this year.

Continuing work on the forthcoming new Lord Dunsany edition The Men of Baldfolk and other Fanciful Tales, this group of stories are all unpublished or uncollected.  From dark gods to dreaming poets, some really fine material embellished with another very rare color Sidney Sime frontispiece. Our deepest appreciation to the Dunsany Estate for their sharing of these incredible pieces.  Will begin typesetting the second to last story tomorrow.  I'm using a german laid paper of the palest sage color for the pages which should complement the binding we have in mind quite nicely.

Rita is being kept busy in the bindery with  batches of Lost Tales and The Golden Key as well as doing taxes and taking care of 9 chickens and 3 cats. The response to The Golden Key has been very encouraging and has kept her hopping with glue, thread and all the strange things she uses to shelter and enhance our stories.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Worlds For Old

A fantastic thing about running a Press is the wonderful and talented people we get to meet along the way.

One of these is Robert Finegold, a writer of great spirit and meticulous prose. His work has that rare distinction of being apparently effortless and entirely real and engaging.  His stories are profoundly moving.

This is timeless fantasy and speculative fiction that burns with the fire of the human condition.  It is both intricate and familiar.  I urge you to explore his writing if you want to be moved and entertained.

A couple of his stories that have been published can be found here as well as a link to his FB page.

And the Ends of the Earth for Thy Possession

Lirazel's Heart

... With a pair of long hook-tipped tweezers, he carefully lifted the square gold lid of the box in the center of her heart, revealing two inner chambers. The larger was filled with a mesh of dried broad-leaved grass, semi-translucent and almost as golden as the box. A hidden object glowed from within the mesh like sunlight obscured behind a layer of cloud.
"What is in there?" Dominic whispered.
"The treasure of our house," Astolfo replied. Gently, he spread the dry grass mesh and a beam of silvery light shot upward like water spouting from a fountain. It crested and broke upon the quadratura of the ceiling with a prismatic radiance of a thousand hues...

Robert Finegold