Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Zothique Prism

I'm nearing completion of a very limited and beautiful chapbook for one of Clark Ashton Smith's stories from Zothique, the Earth of the Dying Sun.  The edition will feature a new illustration rendered by Robert H. Knox, well known for his Necromonicon Press artwork.

The chapbook is being letterpress printed on snowy white watermarked German Fine Edition paper and will be hand sewn into blue gray French heavy covers with ornate titling.

Zothique Prism is available to pre-order and will begin shipping in about a month.  Here's a link to the website page with more information.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Book of Dreams

Took a trip to the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair over the weekend and had a great time showing off this display prospectus for the new Deluxe Lovecraft edition Dark Dreamlands.  Dealers in the supernatural and fantastic were especially excited about Michael Hutter's illustrations.  We'll be doing a test binding in the coming weeks and will post some images as the book takes shape.  More information and how to advance order this deluxe and very limited edition of Dark Dreamlands by H.P. Lovecraft can be found here on our website.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Weight of Time

I visited Ars Obscura and Joel Radcliffe, master bookbinder to take a look at the binding progress for the limited edition Men of Baldfolk and Other Fanciful Tales by Lord Dunsany.  The book looks terrific and Joel does superb, meticulous work.  The books are now under weight and will cure until August 15th and then officially be published and begin shipping.  The special pre-order price will end on the 15th so please visit the website for purchase information.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Of Silk and the Hammer

We've been making some slight changes to the binding for The Men of Baldfolk and Other Fanciful Tales. The black cotton cloth we were using on the test dummy for the quarter bound spine really picks up dirt and shows the scoring of the bone folder so we've gone to a beautiful black, shimmering silk moire material that really looks great I've also added more information about the contents for the book and posted an audio excerpt from one of the unpublished stories.  Work progresses on the new Lovecraft edition; I'm in receipt of some beautiful color illustrations from our artist.  I will share his name and some images soon.  We invite you to visit the page and look and listen.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Fold In Sime

I've just completed the next to last step for my part of the work on The Men of Baldfolk and Other Fanciful Tales by Lord Dunsany.  While listening to baseball on the Grundig windup radio I've been preparing the Sime watercolour illustration for the edition.  This entailed measuring six inches and then scoring each with a bone folder.  The sheet is then folded in half and smoothed down with the bone folder with wax paper over it, otherwise the paper gets marks on it. From there each sheet is trimmed to about 6 3/8 inches.  This leaves a small tab which allows it to be sewn into the book signature.  I then trimmed the eighty signatures to a nice even edge.  Whew!
The only thing left for me to do now is print the spine titles.
This deluxe limited edition is available for preorder and can
be viewed on our website.  We invite you to visit and look

Saturday, May 7, 2016

presenting The Men of Baldfolk & Other Fanciful Tales

 Mike and Rita of Pegana Press are pleased to announce that we are taking preorders for The Men of Baldfolk & Other Fanciful Tales by Lord Dunsany on our website.

In this offering, we have moved away from the chapbook single signature design that marked our Lost Tales editions.  But as with the rest, our books continue to be hand made from start to finish by Mike and Rita Tortorello at Pegana Press.

This book is quarter bound, black cloth spine with Florentine paper covered boards.  Letterpress spine title on Hahnemühle Ingres paper.  Inside the book is hand typeset letterpress printed, also on Hahnemühle Ingres.

Now for the good stuff...

5 of the 9 stories contained in this book have never appeared in print before now.  The other 4 have not appeared since their original magazine publications.

We are also excited to offer as frontispiece, a rare Sime watercolor.

If you're a Dunsany fan, you are in for a treat with these stories.  A rare and beautiful book of material from a master story crafter, brought to you with love from Mike and Rita of Pegana Press.

...and Thor said to the rest "It is even as we have dreamed.  The years have been going by and the ages passing away; Time has been active here, and it grows late on Earth.  Unstained and cold are the stones.  It is later than we had dreamed."       
--Lord Dunsany from The Vengeance of Thor, written 1929 and previously unpublished.  Available from Pegana Press Spring 2016.

We invite you to visit our website.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Getting Closer

We are putting the final touches on The Men of Baldfolk and Other Fanciful Tales by Lord Dunsany, the newest release from Pegana Press.

Mike has finished the printing and has collated the pages into book form.  We are waiting on the illustration, which should be finished soon.

Rita is binding variations of dummy copies to see how Mike's vision for this book will look fully bound.

We hope to share pictures on our website around May 1st.

There are 9 stories in the book, 5 of which have never been published before, the other 4 are uncollected in book form.  The material spans 1908 to 1955.  Featured as frontispiece is a rare, color Sime illustration.

Please visit our website for updates.