Mike with Vandercook SP15 press
Pegana Press was established in 2009, when Mike Tortorello bought a printing press and began typesetting books and broadsides in a spare room at home.

Mike spends most of his days sequestered with the press.  He researches and gathers material to publish, he designs the books and does the typesetting and printing all by hand.

Please stop by and visit our website at Pegana Press

Limited Edition Titles

Lord Dunsany
Rhymes From A Suburb  (A broadside released in 2009)
Lost Tales Volume 1 (released in 2012)
Our books are hand bound by Rita
Lost Tales Volume 2 The Emperor's Crystal  (released in 2013)
Lost Tales Volume 3 (released in 2014)
The Men of Baldfolk (released in 2016)
Lost Tales Volume 4  -  coming soon

Clark Ashton Smith
Poseidonis Cycle 1- The Age Of Malygris
(released 2014)
Zothique Prism - The Empire of the Necromancers with illustrations by Robert H Knox (released in 2017)
Zothique Broadside

Fritz Leiber
Nehwon Vision - The Sadness of the Executioner with illustrations by Patrick Mallet (released 2017)

George MacDonald
The Golden Key with illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk (released 2015)

H P Lovecraft
Dark Dreamlands with illustrations by Michael Hutter (released 2016)

Hope Mirrlees 
Paris  A Poem
(released in 2010)

Winter Tales
3 original short stories with a winter theme
(Released Winter 2014-15)

Rita Tortorello began hand binding books for Pegana Press in 2012.

She is also the author of Winter Tales, and has recently released the short story zine titled Hearth & Heart, also available on Pegana Press.


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This community is to introduce a new awareness and appreciation for the writing of Edward Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, who published under the name of Lord Dunsany.