Saturday, October 2, 2021

We visit the Neverland of Averoigne and the chill waters of upstate New York at Pegana Press

Currently working on two limited releases. A broadside print on thick pale gray paper of a magnificent triptych illustration from Jim Pitts accompanying the poem Averoigne by Clark Ashton Smith soon available on the website.

I found a fascinating story from Robert W. Chambers to print embodying his unique ability to weave the unreal with the mundane in this tale of redemption and fate....Aquatic and psychedelic rendering of new artwork from Robert H. Knox  to complete this chapbook wrapped in Nepalese gold and sea-green papyrus covers.  Available now to pre-order on the website.

At the bindery Rita continues work on more batches of Dark Dreamlands 3 by H.P. Lovecraft and Lost Tales V by Lord Dunsany.

Back to work for us!

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