Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Taming of The Signatures

I spent the week folding about 800 pages of Lost Tales V by Lord Dunsany and then collating the pages into signatures.  The illustrations were scored and trimmed for insertion into the signatures.

I just need to print the spine titles and front board pastedowns and my part of the work will be finished!  It's nice to see the book becoming a completed entity.  The special pre-order price will end July 15th.  Here's a link to more information and how to order.

Rita is continuing binding work, please be patient as she has a lot of books to get through and it's slow and painstaking work to do it right.

I'll be starting on a Lovecraft broadside of one of his lesser known poems with a great period illustration.

Good and safe reading to everyone from Mike and Rita at Pegana Press.

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