Sunday, September 13, 2020

The tale of Words and Boards

Well, things are humming along at Pegana Press as we continue our work. Rita has been cutting the boards for the Lord Dunsany Lost Tales 5 by hand and notching out the insets for the cover pastedowns. We use a much denser binder board for our books so they're more durable and don't warp,  but of course they're so dense I can't cut them with our cutter and local people have just screwed them up so we {Rita} cuts each one by hand and since I insisted on insets for the Dunsany books Rita gets to do that as well.

Meanwhile I'm nearing the end of typesetting the new Clark Ashton Smith story.  His writing certainly requires a dictionary to catch some of the nuances layered into his prose.  It can also be a challenge when having to decide where to hyphenate an unfamiliar word or one of his character's proper names!

We're looking forward to seeing the finished color Robert H. Knox illustration for the new chapbook, the prelim sketch is below.

Stay well and safe everyone and Good Reading.  We read Terry Pratchett here a lot these days...

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